Monday, September 15, 2008

Chapter Three

"That was weird," said Melinda's doll Dennis.

Before Melinda could retort, the bus reappeared suddenly, driving in reverse back to the spot where she stood. Cars scattered and horns honked as the accordion doors of the bus opened to reveal an old woman dressed in black at the wheel. The man in the safari suit peered back out from behind her.

"Don't let her on mother," he sputtered. "She's a malcontent!"

"Shut up you face," the old woman told him. "Little a-girl, I gotta question for you: which Pope is-a the best?"

Melinda thought for a moment and answered: "St Gelasius I." 
This was odd, not being Catholic but she was a bright little girl and had a head full of eclectic information. 

"Good answer," said the old woman. "Get onna the bus."

With that, Melinda stepped inside and the bus tore off again, headed west down East Genesee Street.